Our staff offers a variety of customizable financial services to businesses, nonprofits and individuals throughout the states of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

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Business Accounting Services

Dunn, Cooper, Adkins & Reynolds, CPAs PLLC offers a variety of business accounting services to meet your business needs, including bill paying, payroll and financial planning services. Whether your business is small or large, we can customize a solution to perfectly fit your business.

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Nonprofit Accounting

The federal government has strict guidelines for operating nonprofit organizations under the 501(c)3 designation. Nonprofits must not only keep track of expenses, donations and income, they must also provide reporting to the government, as well as their board of directors. Dunn, Cooper, Adkins & Reynolds CPAs PLLC works with nonprofits to manage their finances, file the needed reports and maintain accountability to their board of directors and other stakeholders.

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Individual Financial Management

In addition to state and federal tax preparation, the staff at Dunn, Cooper, Adkins & Reynolds CPAs, PLLC can help individuals keep track of their personal finances, maintain a budget and plan for the future. We also have a special service designed for senior citizens to keep their finances on track.

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